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Pioneering wellbeing in trainee programs: The innovative approach of Capgemeni

Cap Gemeni Ignite

The possibility of incorporating wellbeing initiatives into trainee programs is often not realized in the corporate world. Identifying this untapped potential, Jonathan Persson, the head of Ignite at Capgemeni in Sweden, took a pioneering step by integrating the 5 week “Get Moving Challenge” into their trainee program.

This innovative initiative has yielded significant improvements, enhancing not only the physical wellbeing of trainees but also the dynamics of team collaboration.

“Introducing the Get Moving Challenge into our IgnITe graduate programme was the right decision and worked out very well for us,” says Jonathan Persson. “It has led to substantial improvements in both the health of our trainees and their interaction and collaboration within the company, exactly matching the goal we had set before contacting ReachingApp”.

Customizing trainee experiences with unique mini-challenges

What sets the Get Moving Challenge apart is its flexibility, allowing administrators to design weekly mini-challenges that resonate with their specific company culture. To date, over 2,000 mini-challenges have been crafted by our customers, showcasing the immense creativity and engagement within our user community.

This feature was adeptly used by Jonathan Persson in collaboration with ReachingApp to deepen the focus on team-building and networking among fellow trainees and key contacts within Capgemini.

Selected mini-challenges developed by ReachingApp & Jonathan Persson:

  • Building New Relationships: A challenge encouraging trainees to have a coffee meeting, virtually or in-person, with a colleague they haven’t previously met.
  • Networking Lunch: This task pushed trainees to broaden their professional network by connecting with different department members over lunch.
  • The Tastiest Challenge of the Week: A culinary adventure where trainees cook and share a team member’s favorite recipe, promoting healthy lifestyle habits and cross- cultural bonding.
  • Get Activate Together: A physical activity-based challenge designed to enhance both health and teamwork.
  • Gathering Insights: An initiative for trainees to share their experiences and thoughts, contributing to a culture of openness and continuous learning.

These bespoke mini-challenges not only enhanced the engagement factor but also demonstrated the Get Moving Challenge campaign’s ability to adapt to diverse organizational needs.

Adaptability for various organizational sizes

Whether your trainee program includes one or many individuals, the Get Moving Challenge is designed to be scalable and inclusive. We encourage organizations to involve all employees, fostering a culture of health and teamwork across all levels. This comprehensive approach has not only been well-received but also highly recommended by those who have experienced its benefits firsthand. Nine out of ten users recommend the Get Moving Challenge to others, and our results speak for themselves:

  • 83% of participants saw an improvement in physical ability.
  • 71% reported healthier eating habits.
  • 52% experienced better sleep quality.
  • 33% reduced their level of stress.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your trainee program.

The “Get Moving Challenge” is more than just a wellbeing campaign; it’s a catalyst for fostering a healthier, more collaborative, and more productive workforce. Join the ranks of successful organizations like Capgemini and see the difference for yourself. Contact us today to learn how we can customize the challenge for your organization’s specific needs.