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Take the step towards a healthier workplace together. Engage colleagues, experience the community, and see how our wellbeing challenge can uplift your workday.

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The Get Moving Challenge is an administration-free health challenge that can be rolled out in your workplace in a matter of days.

Fun and social

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Flexible, choose start date

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The Get Moving App

This is the Get Moving Challenge

A team challenge for all fitness levels

Walk: Earn points for every step you take

Work out: Earn points for every minute of exercise

Complete mini challenges: Take on the recommended mini challenges for extra points

Designed to inspire

Includes inspiring mini challenges to address stress, focus, sleep and physical activity

Encourage simple everyday exercise

Breaks sedentary behavior and creates healthy habits

Easy to launch

Minimal administration

Connects employees regardless of location

Comes with flexible alternatives. Run a 4-6 week challenge

The Get Moving Challenge effect


8 out of 10 improve their physical ability


7 out of 10 eat healthier


5 out of 10 sleep better


1 out of 3 reduce their stress levels

How it works


Register your organisation

You will receive a starter code via email, which you can forward to your employees so they can create their own accounts. Additionally, you will receive digital marketing material for internal promotion of the Get Moving Challenge. Participants can join by downloading our mobile app or logging in through our website.


Create teams

Users create their own teams. An uneven number of participants in each team does not matter, we recommend 3-10 people in each team.


Start to challenge yourselves

Exercise in the way that suits you. Any form of exercise counts. Take on one or more of our exciting weekly challenges to earn extra points for your team. Cheer each other on and follow your progress as a team and as an individual


Reach the finish line together as a team

The more you exercise and the more challenges you complete, the more points you will earn for your team. To reach the finish line in the virtual race, your team needs to collect an average of 100 points per day, which in terms of exercise is equivalent to 10,000 steps.

Connect your favourite device

Download our app – use your favourite device. Steps are automatically transferred to the challenge.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our focus is not only on physical activity, but also on holistic health and team spirit. Through exciting, personalised challenges, we create greater variety and engage all employees, regardless of their exercise background.

Yes, you will get an invoice. Invoicing takes place in arrears with a 30-day payment period. An invoice is sent digitally to the customer contact person’s email address.

You need to provide a valid VAT number for us to be able to deduct VAT directly on the invoice. If no VAT number is provided, we invoice with 25% VAT.

If you are based in any of the following countries, in the registration form, please provide:
US: EIN number, Australia: ABN number, New Zealand: GST number, Great Britain: VAT number

Once you have registered your workplace, you will receive a confirmation email. You will then receive a get-started email with a start code and instructions on how to create your accounts and teams. Give out the same information to those participating, and each participant will register their account and join a team.

You can download the Get Moving Challenge app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. As an option, you can also log in via your computer and use our web-based version.

Yes, you can use your smartphone as a pedometer so that your steps are automatically transferred to Staff in Motion. We have integrations with Fitbit and Google Fit. The apps can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

No, we only charge for the number of registered accounts. Therefore, you do not need to know precisely how many you will be in advance. However, you can estimate if unsure.

Accordion content.

Through the service, each customer can access a health report and view statistics on their progress, participation and outcomes. All information is presented at a summarised level and can never be attributed to a specific individual.

Yes, in addition to our standard challenges, we offer the possibility to customise your own challenges to match your company culture and goals. Custom challenges are easily created in our admin interface.

We offer support via email throughout the duration of the challenge.