Mental Awareness Challenge

Create increased awareness for mental wellbeing and strengthen your workplace’s health with our four-week challenge – based in science.

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Revitalize the wellbeing of your workplace with the Mental Awareness Challenge.

The Mental Awareness Challenge is a four-week challenge designed with research insights to boost mental wellbeing and cohesion at your workplace. Through exercise and activities focused on mental wellness, we promote a culture of health and provide your employees with tools to strengthen their resilience and enhance their focus. Begin your journey to wellbeing today!

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Why the Mental Awareness Challenge?

Based on Science

Weekly mini-challenges in mental wellbeing, carefully selected based on research to promote mental and physical health.

Measurable Success

Use our dashboard to view your collective progress. Get a clear overview of how the entire organization’s wellbeing improves from start to finish (aggregated, without individual tracking).

Strengthens employee resilience and team spirit.

Helps employees manage everyday challenges, find better balance, and strengthens teamwork and community in the workplace.

Our Path to Better Wellbeing

The Mental Awareness Challenge assists in building a healthier work environment – all in a fun and welcoming manner.

Physical Activities: Engage in low-intensity physical activities designed so everyone can participate.

Mental Challenges: Take on our unique mini-challenges, such as screen detox, mindfulness exercises, and gratitude journaling. For every completed activity, you earn points that contribute to your wellbeing.

Mental Awareness: We blend physical activity with meaningful challenges in mental wellbeing to increase your awareness and provide you with tools to handle daily challenges. We call this change process “Mental Awareness.”

How the Mental Awareness Challenge Works

Week 1

Mindfulness and Presence

Week 2

Stress management

Week 3

Everyday Joy

Week 4


1. Form Teams & Accept Challenges

Each week focuses on a new theme, from Mindfulness to Everyday Joy, designed to improve the work environment and reduce stress levels.

2. Earn Points Through Physical Activity & Check-ins

Engage in accessible physical activities such as walking or stretching exercises, take on and complete mental mini-challenges like screen detox and mindfulness exercises. Each completed activity contributes to the team’s total points, encouraging active participation and collaboration.

2. Earn Points Through Physical Activity & Check-ins

Engage in low-intensity physical activities such as walking or yoga, tailored to seamlessly integrate into your day without stress. Complete one or more of our weekly mini-challenges, such as screen detox or gratitude journaling, to earn additional points.

3. Achieve Your Team’s Goal & Celebrate

Aim for the collective goal of accumulating an average of 100 points per day. By encouraging each other and actively participating in the challenges, your team can achieve this goal, where each person contributes to their own and the collective wellbeing.

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Explore This Week’s Mini-Challenges in Mental Wellbeing

Each week brings new mini-challenges designed to boost the team’s wellbeing and create positive habits. Based on science, these challenges give your employees concrete tools to feel better at work and find balance in everyday life. Our activities are carefully selected to suit everyone in the office and are ready to help you create a healthier work environment. Start the journey towards a happier team today!

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