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Wellbeing Coordinator Tips – Creating Engaging Content in Your Workplace (Part 1)

Are you a wellbeing coordinator looking for innovative ways to engage your colleagues in a healthy lifestyle? Then ReachingApp and the Get Moving Challenge might be just what you need. Our platform is designed to improve cohesion and well-being in your workplace in a straightforward and engaging manner. Plus, it gives you, the wellbeing coordinator, the chance to create your own content.

How the Get Moving Challenge Works – An Overview

Let’s start by explaining how the “Get Moving Challenge” is structured. The concept is built on three pillars, each working together to create variety and engagement in your workplace wellbeing challenge.

  • The Foundation: Steps and Exercise Minutes The foundation consists of steps and exercise minutes. In the Get Moving Challenge, all forms of exercise count. Participants earn points for every step they take and for other types of exercise. Our point system automatically converts steps and minutes into points.

  • Personalised Mini-Challenges: What is a mini-challenge? Think of short, achievable challenges within holistic health. These challenges are designed to inspire participants to make small changes to their health habits, create new routines, and try new activities. Participants earn extra points for completing these challenges. Participants earn extra points for completing these challenges. Upon registration, each participant answers a few initial questions about their health and lifestyle. Based on the responses, the system automatically generates and customises relevant challenges. Our mini-challenges cover everything from exercise and diet to stress management and sleep. With new mini-challenges introduced every week, participants are guaranteed variety and excitement as they look forward to discovering new challenges. Examples of mini-challenges include “Write a short to-do list” and “Compliment a colleague.”

  • Custom Challenges for Wellbeing Coordinators: As an added feature, wellbeing coordinators can create their own unique content. All wellbeing coordinators have access to the “Challenge Studio,” an easy drag-and-drop interface where you can design and create customised challenges tailored to your company culture, specific workplace events, or particular focus areas you want to gamify.

Why Custom Content is Important for Wellbeing Coordinators

With the “Get Moving Challenge,” you as a wellbeing coordinator can create content that truly resonates with your company’s unique culture and needs. Custom content offers:

  • Relevance: If your workplace is hosting an internal event, such as a health lecture, mental health seminar, or ergonomic workshop. Integrate these as mini-challenges and reward participants with points for attending.

  • Increased Engagement: Encourage collaboration with challenges like “Share a recipe with a colleague” or “Which team can juggle the longest?”

  • Strengthen Company Culture: If your organisation prioritises sustainability, why not introduce a “Cycle to Work” challenge?

  • Flexibility: Focus on current projects or launches by creating challenges around them.

  • Improved Community: Challenges that encourage interaction between departments can build bridges and foster a stronger culture.
Challenge Studio for wellbeing coordinators

With the Get Moving Challenge in your toolkit, you as a wellbeing coordinator can effectively tailor health initiatives that feel unique, relevant, and engaging for the entire company. Whether you aim to strengthen team spirit, raise awareness on specific health topics, or simply add a creative touch to your health campaign, you have all the flexibility you need. The only limit is your imagination.

And by the way, over 2000 mini-challenges have been created by wellbeing coordinators at workplaces across the world. Quite impressive if you ask us! Read more in part 2 – The Most Inspiring Mini-Challenges: A Tribute to Wellbeing Coordinators, where we list the most popular and fun mini-challenges created by coordinators at their workplaces.

Become a Successful Wellbeing Coordinator

As a wellbeing coordinator, you play a crucial role in promoting a healthy workplace culture. With our customisable mini-challenges, you have the tools to create engaging and meaningful health challenges at your workplace.

Are you ready to transform your workplace with exciting, tailored mini challenges? Join the X Challenge today and start creating a healthier, more engaged work environment! Contact us to learn more, or register your workplace now to start your journey towards a healthier workplace.

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